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  • Start Up Service & 9 Point Inspection
  • Complete 16 Point Inspection & Service
  • Weatherization & Storeage Preparation
  • Redecorating & Accessories


Your customer service is awesome! We have never dealt with anyone that could compare.

Bill Cox

As always, your crew are so experienced, dedicated, neat, and timely! Thank you for taking such good care of us. It is such a blessing to be able to return and have our coach restored back to perfect condition.

Troy and Diane Drawdy


Just wanted to thank you for the goodie bag of ladder parts, it is what I needed. Perfect, thank you so much, you guys are the best, I can't wait to tell you how awesome your company is. You have raised the bar on customer support and service. I don't know a company that holds a candle to NRC.

Kent Hanley

About our Services

Contact Us at the link below to set up your appointment for your Coach. We offer

Tune Ups for Getting on the Road again, called our Start Up Service and 9 Point Inspection, and many other service such as complete maintenance, redecorating, accessorizing, adding on new features to your coach, and getting it ready for storage after your travel season is over, no matter what time of year it is.


To ask questions or to set an appointment call us at (574) 825-3646 or just click on the CONTACT US button right here:

Start Up and

9 Point Inspection


This service includes:

  1. Water heater service
  2. Install new anode rod
  3. Refrigerator service with flue cleaning
  4. Water system check
  5. Awnings lubricated and adjusted
  6. Slide out rooms lubricated and adjusted
  7. Batteries tested and serviced
  8. Inverter settings
  9. Check installation of roof airs and clean filters



16 Point Inspection

and Service


This service includes:

  1. Generator service, includes oil and filters
  2. Water heater service, includes new anode rod
  3. Refrigerator service, includes flue cleaning
  4. Furnace inspection
  5. Complete water system check
  6. Roof inspection
  7. Inspect all windows and reseal if needed
  8. Inspect exterior caulking and repair
  9. Exterior lighting check
  10. Exterior awnings adjustments
  11. Slide out rooms lubrication and adjusting
  12. Batteries check and service
  13. Check automatic leveling system
  14. Check inverter settings and parameters
  15. Cabinet doors and latches checked and adjusted
  16. Check installation of roof airs and clean filters

Storage Ready



This service includes everything needed to weatherize and winterize your coach and make it ready for storage; perfect after your travel season.